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Tina’s TestimonialScreen Shot 2014-12-22 at 11.18.47

“Before I had children I was a size 10-12 and did not have any weight or health issues. My weight started to pile on during and after my two pregnancies and my health also began to suffer.
After my summer holiday in 2012, I realised the time had come to do something about my weight and I enrolled at our Glendale class in Nuneaton.

Within one year, I reached my goal weight by losing four & a half stone. I then shared my weight loss story and appeared in many magazines including ‘Rosemary Conley’ & ‘Woman’

I am now a Premier Plus Member at our club and I attend 5 classes a week, to maintain my goal weight and fitness levels.”


Pauls Testimonial

At the age of 56  and after a very active sporting  life I was diagnosed with  a very rare brain disease, Multiple System Atrophy (MSA).

MSA effects by shutting down all systems in the body, ie, muscle groups leading to drastic reduction in  body movements. There is no cure available and the only advice given by the Neurologist consultant is to exercise to keep deterioration to a minimum as long as I can.

I started working with my physio is 2014 and soon decided we needed to expand to a personnel trainer. Julie Mansfield (Glow Active) was recommended.

After an initial assessment, a training program was developed specifically for my needs. I train twice a week, total of 2.5 hours on a one to one basis. I have no doubt that the program and the motivation Julie brings has been invaluable.

Although measurement of progress is hard to ascertain I do believe this training has kept a wheelchair at bay.

All this was new to Julie therefore she has had to continually review and adapt the program  to suit my needs.

Julie has  never shyed away from the challenge and without hesitation fully recommend Julie to work, motivate and develop a program to suit individual circumstances.

Paul Shute.


Petula’s Testimonial

“When I was 39 years old, I was diagnosed with MS and was working as a C Grade Health Care Support Worker.
At the age of 52, I was diagnosed as having Secondary Progressive MS and medically retiredScreen Shot 2014-12-22 at 11.18.51

In April 2012, I joined Julie’s class in Nuneaton, at the age of 60.
During my first class, I achieved 10 minutes standing aerobics and completed the rest of the class, with chair aerobics.

After just 1 year, I completed the whole class with standing aerobics and now attend approximately 4 classes a week.

The classes have also helped me with: – Fatigue, Balance, Stress, Wellbeing, Posture & Improved mobility And to date, I have lost 1 stone & 3 pounds.

I am now really enjoying the feeling of looking and feeling better.
My MS will never go away, but my Glow Active Classes, are really helping my Positive Mental Attitude!”

Are You At A Healthy Weight?


Most of us know if we are overweight,, by the tightness of our clothes, or if we experience difficulties, completing everyday activities.Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 14.30.20

You may want to check on our chart, whether your weight is within the ‘Ideal / Healthy’ section.
Our weight chart, provides guidance, based on your height & weight.

Your long term goal is to be within the ‘Ideal’ section, but a short term goal of a 10% reduction in weight, can produce real improvements in your health.

But please remember, this is only a guide and is aimed at healthy adults and is not suitable for children.

Please contact me for further details…

Setting Goals for Success

People want to lose weight for many reasons, ranging from improving their health, quality of life, to regaining a sense of control.

Setting goals gives you direction and boosts your motivation.

When setting your long & short term goals for losing weight, please ensure your goals are: –

  • Specific to you
  • Measurable – to ensure you are on track, you need to be able to track your success, on a weekly/fortnightly basis
  • Achievable – foreseeing any future barriers, that may prevent you reaching your goal & putting an action plan in place
  • Within a realistic timeframe

With the support from myself & our members, we can help you reach your goals – you are not alone.

Please contact me for further details…..

General Healthy Eating Guidelines

Here are a few key principles of our Healthy Eating plan: –Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 14.30.30

  • Eat predominantly complex carbohydrates eg. Bread, pasta, rice
  • Consume 5-7 portions of fruit & veg a day – rainbow of colours
  • Consume moderate levels of protein
  • Restrict the consumption of foods containing high levels of saturated fat
  • Drink 2-2.5 litres of water a day
  • Reduce salt intake
  • Good variety of food and eat at regular intervals

Please contact me for further details…..

Portion Control

When it comes to staying healthy, its not just what you eat that’s important, but how much you eat.Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 14.30.33

Portion sizes are approximately double what they were 20 years ago and still on the rise.

In your member packs & in class, we will give you clear & simple guidelines, for your portion sizes

Please contact me for further details…..

Know Your Food Labels

Nutrition labels always list ingredients in descending order of weight. This in itself can be used as an approximate method of determining the quality of the food.Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 14.30.36

Food labels that show, less nutritious ingredients (like sugars and fats) at the top of the list, will contain greater quantities of these than other nutrients; this may, in itself, indicate that the food is of a poor nutritional choice.

Traffic Light System on foods, also, tell you at a glance whether that food is a healthy choice.

Greater detail on selecting healthy foods, will be available in class and in your member packs.

Please contact me for further details…..


Exercise and activity can make a real difference to your weight loss, as well as your state of mind.Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 14.30.43

To lose weight, we are looking to combine, taking fewer calories from food and drink and to use up more calories, by becoming more active.

The benefits of leading a physically active lifestyle, are virtually unlimited, including physiological, mental & medical benefits.

You will be made to feel very welcome & comfortable in our classes, no matter what level of fitness, age, shape or size. You will receive support, encouragement, enthusiasm and more importantly, fun!!

Please contact me for further details…..